Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashionably Tiny

Milestone day!

Today I moved all of your 3-6 month pants out of your closet. Really they still fit you great in the waist, but are much too short, even to pass as capris. So now you are officially only in 9mo or larger pants! As for tops, 12mo or 18mo are ideal for your length.  I just choose not to notice how baggy they are. Size 3 shoes still fit perfectly.

One thing can be said for staying little: you can wear the same clothes for years. And that translates into quite the wardrobe for my little fashionista! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Max Rate Reached!

After twelve days of bumping up your feed rate, you are now at the maximum speed of 400 mls/hr. You get your entire feed in 15 minutes! So if we leave the house after you eat and know that we will be back  within four hours, I can leave the pump, milk, and cooler at home. FREEDOM!

The best part is that since we have made the change you are vomiting much less than ever before. I am so impressed with you!

Friday after school we will begin slowly add volume to your feeds.  Probably just water to start--I think extra hydration alone will do wonders for you. Eventually we will throw some calories in there.  Audrey, this is exciting stuff!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Mistake

Today I made a mistake that led to a shocking discovery.

I clean out your pump bag each morning by changing the rate from your usual 78ish ml/hr to 400 ml/hr, and letting hot water run through the tubing while I do other things.  Then I change it back for your 8am feed. Today you stayed home from school--you are recovering for some tummy bug or an Audrey episode--and slept till nearly noon. When I woke you up, I noticed the settings were still at 400 mls/hr.

Ugh.  Immediately I kicked myself. This is no small mistake. The consequences could be...then it dawned on me. Why weren't you vomiting? On a good day I would have expected you to send it all back up at once, but even sick you had kept everything down.

I have been told by a few other SLOS moms that their kids do better if given their feeds quickly all at once rather than slowly over time. It seems counter-intuitive to fill you up since you have such slow motility, but it seems as if a longer break does the tummy good. I have always wanted to try feeding you faster, but had visions of popping your small stomach with too much volume. So I inched it up and then backed it down whenever you got sick. Up and down, again and again.  When Luke was born priorities shifted until I forgot all about increasing your rate.

But this morning shows me I can make more aggressive changes and can possible expect better results. My plan for now is to increase each feed by 10 mls/hr until you start showing signs of discomfort. It will be amazing if we can significantly decrease the amount of time you eat each day, giving you more freedom from the pump.  Ultimately my hope is that fast feeds mean quicker digestion which might allow me to feed you more frequently. And that may result in your first weight gain in over two years! You, my tiny (but mighty) Shnook, need to bulk up.