Sunday, October 26, 2008

October 26

You have already "said" a few words.

Your first word was "ow". You say it a lot, although it usually has nothing to do with pain.

And I am positive I have heard you say, "Mama" before. Nobody believes me, and I don't have any witnesses, but I don't think it is so far fetched. You really like the "mmmm" sound and just by throwing an "aahhh" after it you have "Ma". Twice in a row and we are in business!

But this afternoon you said you first word in context! I was working in the back of the house and you and Daddy came to spend time with me. Misty Cat was on the bed and Daddy thought you two might like to visit. She wasn't feeling very social, but Nicky was lying on the floor taking a sun bath. So the three of you were on the floor together and when Daddy held you right up to Nick's face and you said, "Hi!". Daddy and I looked at each other laughing because it was just too cute and the timing was too perfect. I know it was unintentional... least I think it was unintentional. Sometimes you are scary smart. Daddy and I try to get you in bed by 9:00, and so you are usually in bed by 9:30. You fall asleep quickly and we finish doing what we need to in order to get to bed ourselves. It doesn't matter how much time has passed from when we put you down, but every night for the last three weeks, you start to cry the second Daddy and I say goodnight. Without fail. So we started to whisper it to one another, or not say it at all. But inevitably one of us will say "I am so tired" or "It feels good to lie down" and set you off. The creepy part is that you don't even sleep in our room anymore. You hear us from your crib through your shut door and down the hall.

Genius baby.

Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13

This morning we were scheduled to go into TCH for an EUA and most likely glaucoma surgery. But about 30 minutes after you were taken the doctor had us paged. The best we could have hoped for happened and he decided surgery wasn’t necessary! He said your eye pressures looked great (as did the retina) and he chose not to operate! Praise God.

The only disappointment of the day was the inability to start an IV on you. An EUA begins by putting you under lightly with the air mask, examination to see if the surgery is necessary, and only if it is do they start an IV. Even though you didn’t need the operation, the plan was to go ahead and put you completely under to fit your eyes for contacts and check your prescription. However, after many unsuccessful attempts to start an IV (Daddy and I counted at least 12) they decided it wasn’t worth it and began to let you wake up. I had warned several people in advance that you have very small veins and are a hard stick. Unfortunately this message wasn’t relayed to the anesthesiologist until right before you were taken away. He later told me if he had known, he would have made sure you were the first surgery this morning. Instead your 8:30 surgery didn’t begin until 9:30 and your already small veins were dehydrated from 7 hours of no fluids and even more difficult to stick. His recommendation for next time is to continue feeding until just a couple hours before surgery and insist on being the first surgery of the day so that your veins will be as plump as possible. If that doesn’t work you will need either a PIC line or another central line.

Still, nothing can dampen our elation over the good news. We are all for less incisions and chances for infection and we were pleasantly surprised to be released by noon. So the next step is ptosis surgery, right now scheduled for November 6. I popped in to see the surgery scheduler today hoping to move up the date since you won’t be needing the recovery time we had anticipated. However, as of now no earlier OR slots are available. I told her we would be on standby and if anything came up to please let me know. I am anxious to get you into your contacts as soon as possible. The only hurdle in the meantime is insurance. Right now they are refusing to cover any of the ptosis surgery, since so often this is an elective procedure for cosmetic reasons. The doctor’s office has explained to them how critical this surgery is for developing your vision, but still they refuse to budge. Our caseworker is seeing what she can do—I have learned to have confidence that God will work it all out.

Ok love. I am missing you as I write this. It is time to head back into the house to cuddle with you and Daddy a few hours before bed. I love you so.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7

Last weekend was just full of “firsts”!

Friday you slept in your crib for the first time during your afternoon nap. You slept so well that I was brave enough to let you sleep in there during the night also! I was nauseous a few times, but you did great and it feels good for Daddy and I to have our bedroom back. Your bassinette, pump, suction, and soundmaker had taken over most of the room. And it is so nice to be able to put you to bed and then move around the house and talk freely with no worries of waking you.

Then Sam and Jason came to see you this weekend! We have been trying since you came home from the hospital to find a weekend that worked for all of us, and finally it happened. You were a very sweet girl and I was hoping you would convince them to start having babies so that you could have more playmates…they have sworn off kids any time soon, but we know how that goes, don’t we? (Wink, wink!)

Saturday you were invited to a friend’s birthday party for the first time. Elijah turned one year old this week! I just can’t believe it. Mommy took care of him while his parents went to work when he was three and four months old and you were still in my tummy. He couldn’t be any cuter and I think he has a crush on you! Either that or he really likes your stroller since we needed to stop him from climbing inside with you!

Since Elijah’s party was at the pool, you put on your suit, sunglasses and sunscreen and headed outside. I dipped your pretty toes in the water, but it was too cold for you. So instead we sat under the umbrella and played in the gorgeous weather with Sam and Grammy.

Later that night, Sam helped with bathtime and took some pictures of you with her new fancy camera. Mommy wants a new fancy camera for Christmas so I can learn how to take lots of pictures of you…tell Daddy for me, ok?

And then Sunday we all went to the museum for the first time! You were such an angel…quiet as a mouse until it was time to come home. It was a couple hours past naptime and you were in meltdown mode. I am pretty sure your crying the entire way back solidified Sam and Jason’s resolve to not have a baby right now. When we arrived home I walked you straight into your room, changed your diaper, laid you down, and you were asleep before I shut the door behind me. I don't blame you for being exhausted from the weekend!

October 3

Today we had a spa day, and you experienced your first pedicure. The plan was for me to do my toes, but I couldn’t resist doing yours first. However, yours took much longer than I counted on. I underestimated how hard it would be to paint tiny little squirmy nails. And then to keep them still while they dry. So my nails had to wait until later this evening when Daddy came home. But here we are, matching in “Dutch Tulip” by OPI. I was originally eyeing “I’m Not Really A Waitress Red” but I thought that might be too bold for your first ever pedicure. Next time!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2

You are Mommy’s biggest girl! Today your new OT Ms. Teresa came to see you and you did such a great job for her! You were very comfortable in her arms and very willing to cooperate. She worked on pre-feeding skills with you—she stroked your cheeks and upper lip and chin, worked her finger into your mouth, and you gave some consecutive sucks several times! You have never tolerated anything in your mouth that well and I was so impressed with both of you. After you had enough of that she stretched out your neck so that you will be holding up your head in no time! Ms. Teresa teaches me how to do these things as we go so that you and I can practice several times every day. Since this afternoon, I have done your oral exercises twice with you, and you have done an equally good job. This is proof you weren't just caught at the right moment earlier! I also learned a great tip; Ms. Teresa says to tuck your chin when you start to gag to prevent vomiting. I wish someone would have told me that a few months ago! You got an A+ today in school and I couldn’t be more proud!

I am so happy with our session today. We have Ms. Teresa through ECI, a state program about which I have heard conflicting things. The success of the child depends on the quality of the service provider you receive which apparently varies greatly. Since this costs next to nothing, my thinking was we would just give this a try and if it didn’t work out we would go elsewhere for services. But I am really so pleased with Ms. Teresa’s level of experience and knowledge. I can see that God has handpicked her just for you. The amazing thing is Ms. Teresa has visited our church the last couple of weeks! She has a son the same age as you—maybe you will get to play with him in the nursery soon!

October 1

I just think this is the sweetest picture of you "praying" tonight.