Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Joy and Christmas Toys

Christmas day was a lot of fun. We started that morning by opening gifts at home. Daddy and I decided that for every Christmas you and Liam will each receive three presents and a stocking. You loved your especially loved opening them because of the sound tearing wrapping paper makes.

Brother wasn't as grateful.

This is one of the toys we gave you. You love it because there are so many things that make silly sounds, and I love it because it helps you put your feet on the floor. Usually you pull your legs up so that no weight is on them. Sitting in this seat, your legs eventually relax until your feet are flat on the ground. Still no weight, but I am hoping that will come with time. Just letting them hang loose is a big deal for you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

T'was the night before Christmas...

This evening is Christmas Eve, and you two babies are snug in your bed...I don't know what dreams are dancing in your heads. But they are surely sweet dreams because we had such a good night.
It started at the Stephens' family Christmas party where we saw Grammi the Great, along with many of your aunts, uncles, and cousins. We left and went straight to church for the 8:00 Christmas Eve service. You and Liam sat with us, Aunt Shelby, Uncle Clay, and Grammy in big church and I was so proud of you both. You are such good babies. Both of you stayed awake and just listened quietly--neither made so much as a peep! That is until a very quiet moment, right as we were instructed to drink for the Lord's Supper. Liam chose that moment to let loose a long, wet, stinky toot that turned heads. Grammy and Aunt Shelby burst out laughing, Uncle Clayton started choking on his "wine", and I had to concentrate on not spewing mine out with laughter.
When we came home it was time to put on our Christmas jammies and set out treats for Santa. I forgot to make cookies until it was too late, but it is ok, because I happen to know that Santa loves chocolate. I am positive he will love the peanut M&M's, Snickers, and Baby Ruth you gave him. And of course, 9 pieces of celery--one for each of the reindeer. Then it was off to bed. Tomorrow will be full of more family and fun, so Daddy and I are right behind you. Love you Sweetness.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Puppy Love

Look at this sweet puppy love. After baths, you and Liam are the best smelling pups I have ever met--I could just eat you both up!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visiting Ol' St. Nick

Today we went to see Santa! Did you tell him what you wanted for Christmas? I hope you spoke up for your brother too, because while you smiled sweetly, Liam slept away.
You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful disposition. On Monday we went shopping with Grammy and were gone for 10 hours. You sat up so big in the front stroller for several hours, and when it was nap time, I put you in the back so that you could lay flat to nap. After a few more hours it was clear you were not falling asleep. At the last store we went to you finally crashed, but never got fussy. You are definitely my little shopping buddy! Liam did a great job too. What a good big sister you are to teach him how to be so laid back and happy--unless he is hungry of course. Then it is the end of his little world. He got his appetite from Daddy!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Stockings

You got a gift in the mail from Aunt Paula today...look how cute you are in these Christmas tights!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Feeding Clinic Possibilities

You are 18 months old today! Time is passing so quickly. You have been making a lot of progress lately, but I have decided it is time for you to start doing some more big girl things. Top of my list is holding your head all by yourself and eating.

Supporting your own head has become easier for you. You can hold it very steady, and smoothly look from side to side. However, your neck is still so tight that you hold your head very far back. If I hold your back straight you look up at the ceiling, so to compensate I have to lean your body forward. So my number one goal these days is stretching that neck out so that you can look directly in front of you and downwards.

Once we have accomplished holding your head correctly, we can begin working more intently on eating. Too be perfectly honest, I have done a terrible job making you eat. There are lots of excuses. I don’t like to make you throw up any extra by attempting an oral feed, since you allergic reaction I am hesitant to try any foods, teething makes you produce more mucus which makes you more sensitive to gagging, surgeries, procedures, new brother... But the truth is, if I wait until things slow down or get easier we will never work on it. The g-tube is just too easy, I have no great motivation to get you off it. So I was thinking if we went somewhere that would help us focus solely on feeds for awhile we might make some progress. I am considering taking you to an intensive feeding clinic. Really, I am just in the very beginning stages of research, so I am not sure when, where, or even how at this point. Usually they are 4-6 week sessions, so if we end up needing to go out of town, it will take a huge effort. Daddy will have to stay home to work, so you, Liam and I would have to go on our own. But if you have the kind of success I have read about, it would definitely be worthwhile. Even if you progress to where you eat enough during the day to feel full, we could still use the pump at night to give you the majority of your nutrition. That way we all could have so much more freedom during the day, not attached to our 6 foot “leash”.

This is just my newest thought. I am sure it will take awhile to get it covered by insurance and be accepted into the program. In the meantime, we have got to work on that neck! It is the first step towards becoming oral.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Day!

It snowed in Houston, TX today! We got a few flurries last year, but this is the most snow you have seen. We just had to go outside to take a picture of Liam's first snow. So I spent at least 20 minutes getting you guys in clean diapers, warm clothes, bundled in blankets, and getting myself dressed before we headed outside...less than two minutes later we were back in the house. Liam hated the cold and the snow; in fact, he started fussing the moment I opened the front door and only became more upset from there. But you, my hot-natured girl, loved it! So after we made Liam suffer through a couple pictures, we put him to bed and you and I went back outside to play. You kept kissing the snowflakes as the came down, and every now and then opened your mouth wide as if to catch one. Too cute.

Tonight Daddy was able to come home from work a little early, and we had such a nice evening. I made gingerbread and hot tea, we lit a fire in the fireplace for the first time ever, and everyone snuggled on the couch planning to watch a movie. Instead we all were mesmerized by the fire--even the cats! A little bit later Daddy and I got distracted by rearranging the furniture. You were just relaxing on the floor by yourself, when all of a sudden you busted out laughing. I have no idea why you were cracking yourself up so much, but boy, it sure made us laugh also! For about 5 minutes you went on like this. I am so glad you are such a happy girl.