Friday, November 14, 2008

November 10

This morning we went to our doctor appointments with Aunt Paula. First stop was to meet our new ptosis surgeon, Dr. Urso. We all liked him so much! Aunt Paula says he has the four C’s: Common Sense, Calming, Confident and Connected. She is so silly. When we explained the Medicaid situation to him he said not to even worry about it. If Medicaid didn’t cover it, he wouldn’t charge us for his portion of your surgery. How totally different from the other doctor! I wouldn’t ask him to do it free of charge, I definitely want him to get paid for his services. I just want someone to do it! So his surgery scheduler is supposed to contact me this week to set something up.

Then we went to TCH to meet with renal. Your blood pressure looks good! So we aren’t changing your meds any for now. He was going to do some blood work, but when he saw you had a surgery coming up he postponed it. Blood will be drawn pre-op and he can have his labs done at the same time, so you and I both appreciate his avoiding an extra stick.

Then we had a special treat of getting to eat lunch with Maria, one of Aunt Paula’s friends who works at TCH. Maria came to visit you during your stay in the NICU and gave you a CD she and her husband created. It is Maria you hear praying over you on your iPod, and her husband who is playing those beautiful versions of classic lullabies. Definitely our favorite night time music! I think you are smiling in this picture because you recognize her sweet voice!

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