Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24

Your eye is starting to look a little better, Boo Bear. Still red and swollen, but not nearly as much. I am hopeful that by Wednesday it will be well enough to avoid surgery.

Not much else going on these days. We practice eating a couple times a day, and it is going okay. I think you really do want to eat. Your tongue is learning to go to whichever side the food is on, you "chew" the food and slowly move it to the back of your mouth, and you are getting several good swallows in. You usually tolerate a few bites of very thin rice cereal mixed with some fruit before you get gaggy and try to throw up. Sometimes playing your "Jesus Loves Me Reindeer" will distract you enough to get through those moments. But inevitably you throw up and get angry. We are careful to encourage you to eat a few more bites before we stop, because I don't want you to figure out that throwing up is the way to end your feeding session.

Another thing we are working on is holding your head down. We all know what a pro you are in holding it back, but when it comes to tucking your chin, you don't have any practice. And that means you don't have any muscle strength. If we could get you to hold your head steady while looking down, we would make big progress in learning to support your head on your own. Of course, because of your eye infection we can't put in your contacts. But we will get there little one.

Tonight you threw up on Mama for only the second time in your life--that is very impressive considering you throw up several times a day! What a considerate baby you are!

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