Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Oh goodness. We have been so busy the last week or so, and I have a lot to update you on.

Last Thursday we had a man come from "The Wheelchair Shop" to fit you for some equipment. We are hoping to be approved for a chair (that doubles as a wheelchair), a bathtub, standers, and a Squiggles mat. All these things are designed to give you great support and put your body into alignment. I am especially excited about the chair, since it will get you up off the floor closer to our level.

Friday we went to the doctor and had a very rough day. It started off with two shots, a new g-button, and fluoride on your teeth. Then we went down a few floors to get two sets of x-rays. One for your hips and the other to check for scoliosis. The hips were easy--you just had to lay there while I held your arms. But the scoliosis x-rays were terrible. The technician held your arms above the elbows up by your head, while I held your legs beneath your knees straight under you. We stretched you out and held you up against a wall for the images. Your muscles are so tight, that being held like that was painful, and probably scary for you. It hurt both our feelings. Then we went down a few more floors to the lab for bloodwork. It took about 45 minutes for them to stick you twice. Both times they fished around for a long time, trying to stab the vein that kept rolling. After the second try I decided that was enough for one day, and we would try to get the blood next time we go to the hospital. Even after such a long day with no naps, you were such a trooper. I am always so proud of you.

Saturday evening we were able to spend time with Uncle Shane, Aunt Lori and Grace and Frank! It was their first time to meet Liam--hopefully soon he will be able to meet your other cousins Audra and Fallon too!

And then Sunday morning was a big day for Daddy. He was ordained as a Deacon in our church, along with 16 other men. A special ceremony took place at 8am for the new Deacons and their families. It was a sweet time while each current Deacon laid hands on and prayed for each new Deacon. In both services, pictures of the new Deacons flashed on the screen while the congregation prayed for them in turn. And then they played the video that we secretly taped as a surprise. It was fun for us to have a chance to focus on Daddy for a day and tell him how proud we are of him. You have such a good Daddy!


Today we got the news back on your x-rays. Hips look good, but you have some mild scoliosis. I really was expecting this to be the result, so I am not surprised. Nothing much needs to be done at this point other than keep a close eye on it. I have put a call into physical medicine--we will get an appointment to see if they have any suggestions. We may look into using some muscle relaxers to help loosen you up. But the biggest help will be that equipment! I am praying it will be approved and ordered quickly.

I love you to pieces! Sleep sweet baby, see you in the morning!

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Know that Perry and I are praying for your family!
We love you so, so much. Hope things are at a place where you can all come to reunion this year!
Give my love to your mom and grandmother!