Monday, July 19, 2010

"Sick" Day

Well today we started another camp at church. I was planning on taking you and Liam to childcare, but you woke up feeling bad again this morning. Vomiting a lot, bad BMs, temp of 99.4 (feverish for you). I called Grammy to give her the heads up that you were sick, and asked if she would be willing to be on call to come get you if your condition worsened. She said she would and I continued packing everyone up. Five minutes later you felt very warm to me, and I took your temp again—101.4. So we called Grammy again and told her you couldn’t go to childcare. I dropped you off at her house, along with your pulse-ox, oxygen tank, plenty of Pedialyte and asked Grammy to call me if you got any worse. Around lunchtime she touched base…you were fine! Grammy said you had been happy and smiley all day, and hadn’t thrown up anymore. Very strange, but I am so glad you feel better! And I am so grateful we have grandparents who are willing to drop what they are doing in order to help take care of you! How blessed are we?

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