Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day Surgery

Tomorrow we report to TCH at 7am for an exam under anesthesia for your glaucoma  It's pretty routine stuff, we've done it half a dozen times before. They will put you under, check your eye pressures, and then hopefully pull you back out.  We could be home by noon.


...the doctor doesn't like what he sees. And if you are trending in the same direction you have been that might be the case. From infancy you were on one drop per eye each day. After about a year we bumped it to the same drop twice a day. Last year we added a whole different drop in addition to the other one.  If the exam tomorrow shows your pressures are still on the rise, they may go ahead and place a shunt in each eye.  It's been a few years since we seriously discussed that possibility, so my understanding of the process is far from complete. I'm about to do a little research before heading to bed.

Your sight is so fragile--any surgery to your eyes gives me good reason to be concerned. But if your pressures are high, there isn't much alternative. Glaucoma left untreated will result in certain blindness.

You, my sweet one, sleep well. Tonight we pray that our trip to the hospital tomorrow will be a short, uneventful one and we can get home early to begin our Easter weekend celebration!

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