Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25

This morning we dedicated you to the Lord and our church. All week I have been so nervous about how this morning would go. You vomit so much that I was afraid you would do it while we were up there in front of our whole church family. But towards the end of the service when it was time to get you from the nursery and bring you to the back entrance of the stage, I could tell you felt fine and had a peace that you wouldn't be sick. You were so beautiful and sweet in your new dress and sweater and we were so proud if you.

Honey, Grandpapa, Grammy, Papaw, Mema, Aunt Lori, Uncle Shane, Aunt Paula, Ms. Charlotte, Aunt Lesley, Michael, Aunt Shelby, Uncle Clayton, Grace and Frank were all there. In fact we got to spend the entire weekend with Aunt Lori, Uncle Shane, and the kids, and most of today with Aunt Paula and Ms. Charlotte. It was such a great weekend.

In the bulletin it gave the spiritual connotation of your name: strength to overcome difficulties. How cool is that? When we picked the name Audrey for you, we looked up what it meant, and at the time I didn't love it. But God knew just what difficulties you would face and what a super trooper you would be through them all. How it must of made Him smile!


Anonymous said...

Amber, I loved seeing precious Baby Audrey yesterday at church. It was an absolutely perfect moment. I know God is busting with pride about you and your beautiful family.
It was an extra bonus to see you at the restaurant too! Thanks for entertaining me while I was waiting and thank you for helping me! The greeter gathering was a success!

Anonymous said...

I am Rebecca's cousin, Angie. I live in San Antonio and my mother is my Aunt Betty's sister.
I have been reading your entries from the very beginning - I always look so forward to catching up on your lives and experiencing through your beautiful writings the progress Audrey is making. I think of your family often and pray for all of you. God sure knew what he was doing when he blessed Audry with such wonderful and loving parents with so much grace and courage.
Your entries touch my heart - they make me laugh and they are also full of inspiration. Through Audrey, many lives have been touched.
Love to all,