Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4

We spent the New Year's weekend in Weatherford and had such a great, relaxing time. You met so many new people, including your Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jonathan, and your cousins, Maddie, Kadin, and Ashlyn. It was such a nice surprise to see them!
I spent some time this weekend reflecting on the past year. I never could have guessed what 2008 would bring. I experienced both the highest highs and the lowest lows of my life. Up until your birth my life had been so simple, so easy. I had never experienced any life challenge or trial worth mentioning. And in the instant that was supposed to be one of the happiest of my life, everything became much more difficult and painful. Still, I wouldn't trade any of the heartbreak in those first days because the joy you have brought to Daddy's and my life far outweighs that initial ache. You are such a sweet, happy baby and we couldn't be more in love with you. Recently you have begun to think some things are funny, and you smile without being prompted. The smile reaches up to your eyes and you are such a beautiful girl. I can't find words to explain the way I feel when I see your face light up like that.
As for 2009, we have some goals. I think they will take a lot of work, but they are reasonable and obtainable.
1) Eat/drink something orally on a regular basis. Many children with SLO can eat some, but not enough to sustain themselves, so they stay on a pump feed overnight, or with their meals. Of course ideal would be to take everything orally, so we can remove the button. But I would be happy with a couple small meals a day.
2) Become somewhat mobile. Whether you roll, crawl, walk, scoot....I don't care. We are going to find a way for you to move around a little on your own. You are getting very close to rolling, so I don't think this goal will take long to meet!
3) Have some sort of communication. Words, signing, pointing would all make me happy.
4) Play with some toys on your own. This is another goal that I think you will achieve soon. You are starting to figure out one of your toys. It doesn't light up or sing unless you move it, and if I put it right next to your hand and show you a couple times, you get the hang of it!
5) Oh, and Daddy says he wants to see you do your elf dance by next Christmas. You better start practicing now.


Anonymous said...

We are all praying that Audrey does well in her surgery. I have grown to love her from reading your blog.
Loree Ellis
( a friend of Shane & Lori Platt)

cjeggerman said...

I have really missed my "Little Audrey" fix the last 3 weeks! I was sick for a couple of those Sundays and didn't think it was a good idea to bring my cough and sniffles to my babies in the nursery! I missed you this past Sunday, but hope to see you this coming Sunday...Miss Carla