Monday, February 2, 2009

Febuary 2

I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve, anxious for Santa to come. In the morning you and I are going to the doctor and you are going to get...contacts!

We went a couple weeks ago for the fitting. When we walked in, the doctor told us it was highly unlikely to get an accurate measurement on a baby. You have to keep your eye completely still, and she has to keep her hand holding the machine completely still. You did so well, didn't fuss or protest and looked directly at her. The machine wasn't reading, so we took a break, and she told us how we will care for the contacts.

She said she would guess what size Audrey would need, and we have 90 days to exchange or return them for any reason. These contacts are soft on the edges, but hard on the inside, so we can't pinch them out. It would crack the middle. So we will have to pick them up from the edges once a week to give your eyes a break overnight. When you have your ptosis surgery that will change to daily. Unlike adult contacts, these won't have any blue tint at all, so they might be hard to keep track of--which is too bad because they are supposed to last a year. After we talked she started walking us to the door, and I asked her to try one more time before we left. And she got it!

So tomorrow Daddy will meet us at the doctor and we will practice putting them in and our for an hour. She insists that it isn't very hard to put them in and take them out. Funny thing was that she said the hardest part is overcoming our fear and squemishness. I looked at Mema who was with us and laughed. I told the doctor, "We have had to do much worse than this--this will be a breeze!" I hope you don't prove me wrong.

I can't wait to write you tomorrow and let you know how you react to the world around you. Since you won't keep your glasses on your face, you rarely get to see anything at all. You are in for a big surprise Audrey Boo.

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Amanda Jacobs said...

Yahh... :)
She's going to get to see the world around her.
She's going to love it :)
I can't wait to see her and you.

I hear you're coming back.