Friday, March 13, 2009

Rolling Stone

You have been rolling toward the right for over a month now! You are getting better and better. At first you could only roll from your side to your tummy. But last week you rolled from your left side to your back, to your right side to your tummy. It took awhile but you did it...that is 75% of an entire roll! You haven't quite figured out the technique to roll towards the left. And it is going to take some upper arm strength for you to make that last step from your tummy to your side. But you try a little harder everyday.

Your legs, on the other hand, have no problem moving. You look like you are running in place most of the time! Especially at night. You and I, we aren't so into early mornings. We like to sleep in late and stay up even later. So most of the time we take the mornings slow and then rev up for the evenings! Daddy is the oddball in the family who likes to be in bed early and rise with the sun. We try to be respectful of that...but SOMEBODY I know isn't always so easy to rationalize with and doesn't feel tired at night. (It's you.)


Anonymous said...

Very good! Audrey!

Hollie said...

WHOO HOO!!! Go Audrey!!!

cjeggerman said...

I have missed you at church! Miss Carla