Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You have had your contacts for a week now, and it's like you have discovered a whole new world! As soon as we left the doctors office, I could see a difference in the way your responded to things. Over the past several months you have gotten pretty good about keeping your eyes still in your head, but there has always been a glazed look that says you aren't focusing on anything. As I strolled you out of the office, I watched you looking at a red clamp on the side of your stroller--and you were really seeing it. In this past week your facial expressions have become more animated, and you are starting to think things are funny on your own. In the past you would smile, but only when prompted. A couple days ago you actually laughed again for the second time. Daddy and I aren't sure what was so funny but something definitely tickled you.

And today, you thought you were so cute (you are), and were playing a cat and mouse game with me. Right now you aren't too big on eye contact; I think it wears you out. So you will only look at me for a couple seconds and then would look away. So I was laying next to you and when you looked away from me up at the ceiling, I would say, "Pssst!" You would cut your eyes in my direction, but not turn to look at me, and get a mischievous little grin on your face. You knew exactly what I wanted you to do, and just were not going to do it! Stinker baby!

It isn't as hard as I thought it would be to put in and take out your contacts. Last week we went to pick them up, and Daddy met us there. Before we could leave with them, Daddy and I had to demonstrate we could put the contacts in and take them out on our own. So I went first, and put in your right contact on the first attempt (even though you did your best to make it difficult). Then I tried for the left eye...and tried and tried and tried. Just couldn't do it. You were throwing a fit, which I don't really blame you for, and I finally handed it off to Daddy to try. First time, he got it in! I thought, "Well, that's just beginners luck for the both of us." Next we had to take one out. Since I had already traumatized the left, we went for the right. Daddy took it out, no problem, and I popped it back in, no problem! So now we have a system. Daddy does the left eye and I do the right.

These contacts you are wearing are not the right prescription. You need +25 and they are only +20. Our goal is for everything within an arms reach of you to be clear, since that is where most of your world takes place. Next Thursday, when the right prescription comes in, you should have the same vision as any other baby your age. Until then, these are better than nothing.

Still, I can't wait to see how much more of a difference the next set of contacts makes to your level of alertness and interaction. I am anxious for you to start reaching for things, recognizing my face, learning. You really are such a smart baby, and I know that once your eyes are finally corrected, you are going to improve leaps and bounds.

Daddy and I love you.


Anonymous said...

Baby Audrey! How neat it must be to see your Mom & Dad..and your Grammies. When you smile at them because you see them... wow... what a gift you'll give to them. They love you so very much.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for this wonderful news that Audrey can see so well now. It is an answer to months of prayer for all. A whole new world is opening up to her now and I bet her development just takes off, reaching all those milestones that she couldn't get to without good vision.