Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27

This morning before church I put your hair in a ponytail--it was pretty cute before you layed on it for four hours. Aunt Shelby watches you and some of the other kiddos for the first hour of church, and when it was time to pick you up, this is how we found your hair--with two more matching rubber bands in it. Silly Aunt Shelby.

This past week we tried something new--watching TV! Most parents wouldn't be so proud of their kids watching videos, but I think it's so cool to see you paying attention. Of course, that attention span only lasts about a very short 15 seconds. Then your eyes wander, and your head flops to the side. But after a few minutes, you bring it back up to the screen again. And when you do, you smile! The only thing you have watched so far is Baby Mozart--you love music and it isn't super stimulating, so I bet you will love the whole Baby Einstein series. Daddy set you up a small TV that is on your level in the guest room, so that you don't have to look up so high. I am hoping this will increase your ability to focus, as well as encourage you to hold your head straight to see. You look so big sitting in your big girl chair!

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Shanna said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! Baby Einstein is a favorite...i even enjoy it!