Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8

Last week found us in Florida on vacation, and having a fabulous time! Mema was dogsitting for family friends while they went to Ireland and we came along too. Mema’s friend Cindy was there as well which meant that you, Daddy and I were able to spend a lot of special alone time together.

You did amazingly well on the flights there and back. I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how your cleft palate would affect the pressure on your ears, but it didn’t seem to be a problem at all. On two of our flights (we had a layover in Dallas both ways) you didn’t make a peep, and on the other two you only fussed a little because you were sleepy or nauseous. I was so proud of you, as always.

We did a few touristy things like the zoo and beach, but for the most part we relaxed and cuddled together, just the three of us. Daddy really needed and deserved a vacation. He works harder than anybody I know. He wakes up super early to go to the gym, then he puts in 9-10 hours at work. When he gets home he plays with you, gives you a bath, pulls meds, takes out the trash and does whatever else he sees that needs to be done. He really only rests to eat, and then go to bed. Such a good hubby and a good daddy. I know he enjoyed his work/chore free week to spend with his girls!

And you LOVED having Daddy around all day. It amazed me how full of smiles and giggles you were all week—it seems like you just thrived under all the constant attention you received. Although you and I stay home together all day, there are plenty of times when I need to get things done and you have to “entertain” yourself, which is really hard for you to do. With so much Mommy and Daddy time, you were just the happiest girl. In fact, there were several times when we would catch you smiling, laughing and talking to yourself while you were hanging out on the bed or while we were driving from place to place.

We hadn’t attempted a vacation before now, because we weren’t sure it would be worthwhile. This was the perfect test since Mema was there to help us out if we needed it. And she did help us a lot. Daddy and I were able to go to dinner and several other things around town by ourselves, while she stayed home with you and we were so grateful for that alone time. But had she not been there, I know we still would have had a wonderful time, so we will definitely do it again. Still, this is our first and only vacation as a threesome—next time we go on vacation we will have a little brother with us!

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Meg said...


I'm so excited about your little boy on the way! When are you due?

Next time you're coming through Dallas, let me know! I work at the airport, so if you're here Mon-Fri I'd love to meet you and give you a hug and say hello To Audrey... (and Brad too, I suppose :)