Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visiting Ol' St. Nick

Today we went to see Santa! Did you tell him what you wanted for Christmas? I hope you spoke up for your brother too, because while you smiled sweetly, Liam slept away.
You never cease to amaze me with your wonderful disposition. On Monday we went shopping with Grammy and were gone for 10 hours. You sat up so big in the front stroller for several hours, and when it was nap time, I put you in the back so that you could lay flat to nap. After a few more hours it was clear you were not falling asleep. At the last store we went to you finally crashed, but never got fussy. You are definitely my little shopping buddy! Liam did a great job too. What a good big sister you are to teach him how to be so laid back and happy--unless he is hungry of course. Then it is the end of his little world. He got his appetite from Daddy!


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture. That is wonderful that Audrey loves to go shopping with you, is so laid back about it. Hopefully she is teaching Liam well on this!

Amanda said...

Great picture!! So glad they both did so well on such a long shopping trip.

cjeggerman said...

They are both so beautiful! Now it's hard for me in the nursery because I just want to hold BOTH of them the whole time! LOL! ;)