Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Labs...didn't like 'em in college, don't like 'em now.

(Your father came up with this post title. I laughed.)

Today I finally received the results of the cholesterol bloodwork we took a couple weeks ago. It needs to be over 100 to be normal, 50 and below is considered severe, and usually under 20 children are miscarried or die shortly after birth. When you were diagnosed at 6 weeks, your level was 22--probably lower at birth. At about 6 months your level was 33. We have attempted to check the levels several other times, but you are so difficult to stick that we weren't able to get the blood. So this is the first test in a very long time. The number came back 4.9. I told our nurse that there was no stinkin' way that was right, and it must not have had the formula applied to convert it to the number we are usually given. She said she originally thought the same thing but she checked with the technician, and he said it's right. I still don't think it's possible. We decided something must have gone very wrong with the test, and are going to redo it next time we go to TCH. Goodness.

We did find out that you have several food allergies. Of the 6 things we tested for, you are allergic to 4. Wheat, egg whites, egg yolks, and peanuts. None are a life threatening allergy, so that means we still haven't found what you reacted so strongly that one time. Whatever that was would have cause anaphylactic shock had you swallowed it. The search continues...

And you are Vitamin D insufficient. Darn.

These results aren't really a big problem, just surprising. I don't know why that would be my reaction. I guess it is because for the first several months we were running every test we could think of and I began to expect something to be wrong. Now with tests so far apart and your seemingly good health, I am caught off guard when we have one more thing to deal with. I keep thinking that eventually you will catch a break and get some good news!


Neyetter said...

As Liam gets older and likes to be outside, and when spring decides to get here, Miss Audrey can go outside with her brother and catch some rays for a big dose of vitamin D. I've seen her stylin' in those groovey shades and sunbonnets! Such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have so much fun looking at those pictures! They are just so cute and I love seeing Audrey's smile. I miss you and hope to see you and get to meet Liam before too long. I know he's a wonderful little boy and it sounds like he and his little sister are going to be best buds. I love and pray for all of you; you're an amazing family! Love, Mattie

Anonymous said...
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