Friday, February 12, 2010

No Pressure

Today we went to TCH for an exam under anesthesia to check your eye pressures for glaucoma. Everything went great! No intubation, just a gas mask. And it only took three tries to get an IV. Your numbers looked good, so I was hoping that meant we could stop the eye drops. No such luck. Even though another eye doctor suspects you never had glaucoma in the first place, this one is afraid to take you off the drops and risk your pressures rising. I asked him if that meant you would be on the drops forever...he said until you got bigger. So forever. Boo. The drops aren't the worst, by any means, but you definitely don't care for them. And it would have been nice to have one less thing to do twice a day and be one step closer to "normal". At least now we know to expect them for a very long time.

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