Monday, April 26, 2010


Today we went to TCH to follow up on your weight loss from our PICU stay. It worried us that you lost a half pound, especially when it takes so long for you to gain it. I increased your feeds over the last month in hopes of gaining it back. The good news is that you now weigh 15.2 lbs. The bad news is that you are throwing up a lot more now than you were before. We had gotten to where you threw up once a day, maybe even once every other day. It was always early in the morning or the middle of the night when you were clearing the mucus that builds up. But recently you have started throwing up at the end of every feed again. So I asked to speak to the nutritionist, and we talked about a new game plan. I am going to switch your formula so that it is higher in calories, meaning you can take less volume. I will have to supplement with Pedialyte or water so that you get enough fluid, but you can digest those much faster. I am praying this slows the vomiting down a lot. Just in case we decided to have another CT scan of your shunt. 50% of shunts malfunction and have to be replaced within the first two years of placement, so it is always in the back of our minds as a possible explanation. I haven’t heard any results yet, but usually no news is good news.

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