Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Miss Sensitive

Yesterday for the first time you watched a video in your chair—it was Dora the Explorer, “Dora had a Little Lamb”. You were at the perfect height to see the TV while keeping your head straight, and you seemed to do a good job focusing. At one point in the show, Boots started crying. Which made you cry. You have been so sensitive lately! This morning Liam was jabbering away about something, and you got all pouty and the tears puddled up in your eyes. You cry like something has devastated you, and I usually come rushing to see what is wrong. I hold your face in my hands, give you kisses, and ask what is wrong. It doesn’t take long before your cries turn to coos and your tears turn to smiles. I have no idea what is going on. You are such a strong baby. Even when I know you are in pain, usually just holding you can comfort you enough to make you happy. So one of two things is happening. Either something really hurt your feelings, but being my tough girl you get over it quickly, or you are totally manipulating me to get attention. Either way, I am impressed!

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