Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mrs. Tamara

We were disappointed to find out that today was our last OT session with Mrs. Tamara at ECI. We have changed VI, PT and case coordinators several times, but Tamara has been with us from almost the beginning. When the program was rezoning therapists, Mrs. Tamara refused to give you up and traveled outside her territory in order to see you each week. Lately you have been fussing during OT because she makes you work hard, but I’m glad she pushes you. At the same time, she always respects your limits and feelings. And you don’t hold it against her--you love Mrs. Tamara! You are always glad to hear her voice the next week. Mrs. Tamara has had many great ideas over the last two and a half years for new ways to position and engage you. She thinks outside the box and notices things about you that I sometimes overlook. As Mrs. Tamara left we all held back tears—after two and a half years visiting our home, she has become very dear to our family. Sad as we are to see her go, I am certain we will keep in touch. We love you Mrs. Tamara!

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