Thursday, June 9, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Audrey Lee is turning three! (That’s our birthday mantra.)

Oh Audrey. Where has the time gone? Three is so big. SO BIG. Officially not a baby, no matter how deceiving looks can be.

Our plan was to take you to an amazing amusement park in San Antonio designed specifically for special needs children and adults. (You can check out Morgan’s Wonderland here.) I thought it was a brilliant idea to take you there on your actual birthday. We rarely do outings..I should clarify…we rarely do FUN outings just for you. Usually it is something Liam will enjoy and so you tag along. And to be blunt, there isn’t a lot you like to do. You are most content sitting at home being loved on by someone. But this is place was built with your comfort and entertainment in mind. And then we were going to take Liam to Sea World on Friday, making a mini-vacation out of it.

Best laid plans. Sigh. We were sick all last week and still completely drained. Daddy and I could have powered through the exhaustion. But the forecast called for triple digit temps in SA today. Much of Morgan’s Wonderland is outside, and although the playgrounds have UV canvas shades, you would have been miserable. I kept trying to convince myself that if we went early and took enough breaks and packed hand fans and cool packs, you would be comfortable. But I knew deep down every minute would have been spent with you in tears and us in metaphorical tears that you weren’t happy. And even though I surely would have gained “cool mom” points to take you somewhere so perfect on your birthday, it really is about you. Not my great idea and mom ego. So back to the drawing board.

Eventually we decided to go with the Children’s Museum. It is inside, cool, and there are plenty of lights, sounds, buttons and textures to hold your interest. It worked out wonderfully. You and Liam had a blast and Daddy and I had enough energy to enjoy it also. We became members so that we can go back throughout the hottest days of summer. Happy birthday Audrey! I am loving the big girl you are growing (albeit slowly) into and can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next year of your precious life!

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday Audrey. Looks like she had a great time! Praise God for this sweet little girl and all the blessings and smiles she brings to everyone.