Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Birdie is Turning Three!

Today was your birthday party! We held it at First Baptist at the Rec Center. They have two huge playscapes, bowling, pool, foos ball, air hockey, and a room for our snacks. Almost all your friends were able to come, and we really had a great time. It was very low maintenance for me…no games or activities. We just sang happy birthday and let everyone play!

I chose a theme to match your bedding…birdies in pink, brown and lilac colors. It turned out way cute (if I do say so myself). And the best part was that I spent $4 on tablecloths and that is absolutely all for d├ęcor. I had leftover plates/napkins/utensils from your first birthday party and everything else I brought from your room. I wish I had a picture. But with only 30 minutes set up time, I finished the moment everyone walked in, and never looked back. Which was good—I wasn’t stressed one bit and was able to enjoy the party.

I’ll describe the set up so that I don’t forget. On a lilac tablecloth I had the pink wooden flower pots of various sizes from your bedroom. Those held plates, napkins, and utensils. I had a three tiered plate stand that held your pink strawberry and chocolate cupcakes with the birdie toppers. In the middle were three apothecary jars that each held a “Sweet Tweet”: chocolates in lilac wrappers, pink Starbursts, and chocolate covered mini donuts. I had “Chickadee” shaped cheddar crackers in a white bowl, and on the other side of the table “Cheep-Cheeps and Dip” (creamy jalapeno and salsa from Chuy’s). We kept drinks super simple with bottled waters, Capri suns and cans of coke. Two bird figurines on sticks (that sounds strange, but really, they are cute) and your framed invitation rounded out the decor.

There was a table for gifts and a table for party favors. All the kids received a bag of gummy worms with a sticker that said, “The early bird gets the (gummy) worm!” and a bag of birdseed that said, “For the Birdies at your house.” Daddy helped me assemble these. Boys got a bird whistler that warbles when water is added to the bottom, and girls were given a bath fizzie with birds on it. For the babies I attempted to make these cute bird softies I found HERE, but it would have gone much better if I began my endeavor sometime before Party Eve. Live and learn. (Who am I kidding? I doubt I will ever learn. I wait till last minute for everything. It’s in my DNA.) With a lot of help from Mema and Sam, they came out decent. But I have plenty of leftover fabric. I am going to give it another go, even though crafty is most definitely NOT in my DNA. All the gifts went in paper bags that Daddy drew impromptu birds on.

We did get this one family photo and considering Liam was fighting to play rather than pose, it turned out pretty good! That’s all I’ve got in the way of photos. Sorry chica. But we have memories.

**If anyone else has pics from the party, please send them my way!**

**Invites by Chelsea Davis. Super sweet gal who did an amazing, quick and affordable job! My picture is horrible but the invites are precious!**

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Heather said...

Wow - where does the time go? Happy 3 years, Audrey!!!