Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus...

You had a terrific first day of school! Your teacher will send you home each day with a note listing your morning’s activities, mood, and level of participation. Your nurse will send you home with a communication journal telling me about things like diapers, when your feed ends, any concerns health or behavior. I am going to so look forward to these notes each afternoon.

It looks like you did more yesterday than we get done all week! You played with textured materials, vibrating objects, shiny objects, switch toys, books, painted, played with shaving cream, stood in a stander, practiced rolling, used tumble forms, the motion board and PT came. Whew, what a morning! You got all 5’s for participation in circle time (meaning you independently participated), and 2-4’s for participation during the structured teaching portion (meaning you needed verbal, gestural, and/or physical cues). Your teachers learned that you like shiny things, rocking motion, and are a happy, smiley girl!

The new thing for today, and the scariest part for me, is the school bus. Here you are all loaded up, watching out the window for your ride.

And when we got impatient, we went outside to wait. Mistake. It was already too hot and muggy for you at 7:30 in the morning. But you trooped through to take some pictures. I didn’t realize my lens was smudged until I downloaded them, so they are all a bit blurry. I will ask Grammy to take more pictures when she gets you off the bus this afternoon.

SUCH a big girl!! In this picture you aren't smiling, but you did think the sounds the bus lift made were pretty funny. You will do great on the bus. You are the only child, and an attendant is right next to you in case you need to be suctioned. And the timing is such that your tummy will never be full while riding--hopefully vomiting will be a non-issue.

Your brother was very uncertain again this morning. He understood you were going for a bye-bye, but couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t going with you. Here is an unprompted “I love you” sign. (He hasn’t figured out how to put down just his middle and ring finger, so it looks like “3”. But it really does mean he loves you.)

And here he is waving until your tail lights disappear. Come home soon Sissy!

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