Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pharmacy Woes

I had such high hopes for the new pharmacy I switched us to last week. When I originally spoke with the pharmacist she was polite, sounded knowledgeable and Christian music was playing as I waited on hold. Recipe for success right?

It took them two days longer to fulfill the script than I was originally told. Since they are closed over the weekend, this meant you went 5 days without your cholesterol. Strike one.

When I arrived to pick up the cholesterol, only 160 of 360 mls were ready. They didn’t order enough of the cholesterol to fill the entire month’s order. It’s inconvenient for me since they are out in Katy, but more than anything it concerned me about their calculations. How did they order less than half of what was needed? Strike two.

Then the cholesterol was in a soy oil solution rather than the cherry aqueous we always get. I know several choose the soy version, and I am not opposed to trying something new. But when I told her the medicine needs to be refrigerated, she told me it didn’t. I insisted it did, and she insisted I was wrong. Not only did she refuse to consider the possibility she might not be as informed about a medication she has never seen before and that I have been administering for three and a half years, but she spoke in an insulting and condescending tone. I am positive they teach that tone in pharm school. It’s an industry-wide standard. Clearly I am going to have to settle for a pharmacy who can get the medication right and just expect horrible customer service.

At this point I have asked the experts (the other SLOS mom’s) about the refrigeration issue and everyone agrees…it must be refrigerated and kept from light. I collected all of their answers and faxed them to the pharmacist as back-up with the numbers to contact the specialists if she needed further confirmation.

I’ll keep you posted. Ugh.

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