Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am so behind on your blog.  Really I am behind on everybody's, but yours more than the rest. Catching up on the last several months seems like a huge task so I put it off, putting me further behind, which overwhelms me all the more. See this cycle I am stuck in?

Even though it doesn't show, your blog is special to me. Now that Luke is gone I am so grateful for his blog and regret that I didn't write at all for his last month. My only consolation is that the time I didn't spend recording memories was time spent making them. I know the day will most likely come (hopefully very far from now) when your blog will have just as much importance as Luke's does now. So my plan is to just jump in and start writing again and then go back and fill in the last nine months with whatever I can, whenever I can.

So here we go...the revival of your blog starts......NOW!

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