Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Suture Situation

There is one suture from your ptosis surgery nearly four years ago that occasionally gets infected.  It swells up and a hard lump forms in the middle of your brow. A couple weeks of antibiotics usually takes care of it.  But this last time the meds didn't help. The pressure from the pus got so great that it formed a pimple on your brow.  This pimple popped and scabbed. The pus from the still present infection kept the scab moist from underneath, making it easy to accidentally scrape off when changing your clothes or in the bath. After a couple months and several rounds of new scabs, I can now plainly see the suture whenever a scab doesn't cover it.

With Luke's medical issues and then death, many things that would otherwise have been considered priority were neglected. This is one of those things.  I should have had it taken care of much sooner, but it is finally at the top of my to-do list.

So today we saw Dr. U and he agreed, it needs to be removed.  The plan is to have a surgery to remove the suture, let it heal completely and then go back in to sling the lid up if necessary.  He says occasionally there is enough scar tissue that there is no need to repeat the surgery.  Definitely hoping that is the case for you!

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