Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6

Hi my big girl! As always, things are changing quickly with you.

We have made the permanent switch to formula. It is going fairly well. As expected, you immediately became constipated from it, so you are on a daily dose of Miralax. It also has made you vomit more often, and at a higher volume, which is rough. The worst part for all of us is when you wake up sick in the middle of the night--usually at least twice. But we didn't really expect you to make a seamless transition. Formula intolerance is just another part of the syndrome. Yuck.

We have been practicing eating orally, and you have been doing such a good job! Thicker foods, such as thin rice cereal seem to be the easiest for you. I am most pleased with the way your tongue goes toward the cheek the food is in. You seem to really want something in your mouth, and chew on Lambie, your sleeve, a burp rag, your hand--whatever is convenient--most all day.

A little over a week ago we did another glaucoma exam under anesthesia. Always the trooper, you came out from the OR not feeling too badly. Your IV was infiltrated, and your left arm is still swollen. Other than that it went as well as we could hope for. No operation was needed, and we don't have to do another EUA until December.

We have gotten your new contacts and you are loving them! You are so much more active and alert, reaching for more things and having better coordination. A sty developed in your right eye over the weekend, so the contacts are out until that heals up. Boo.

You are becoming a silly girl, with a sense of humor the rest of us can't quite figure out. Something will make you laugh one minute, but when we try to recreate it, it just doesn't strike you as funny anymore. We live for those laughs--truly the most beautiful sound to our ears.

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Paul Janowitz said...

Hi Amber, Brad and sweet little Audrey. I have read your blog wish I could say I was amazed at how strong and wonderful you both are as parents...but I am not. I saw just a smidge of this in how you took care of our two children, thank you! I hope all is going well and please let us know if you are ever in Austin and we will do the same for Houston. If we can help in any way let me know. All of our love, Paul, Sally, Aubria and Evan