Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14

You were so cute for your first Easter!

We went Saturday night to see the Easter Bunny in your bunny hat that Aunt Shelby gave you, but the line was super long and the bunny...not so cute. So we just waved to the bunny and went shopping for your Easter dress instead.

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny dropped off a basket of goodies for you--a couple toys, hair bows and ties, and some candy. I guess Mr. Bunny didn't know that you don't like chocolate, so Daddy and I have to help you out there. Then we got all dressed up for church, put your hair up for the first time and you looked "faaabulous daaarling".

After church we went to Papaw and Grammy's house for Easter lunch and had a great time. When we got home late Sunday night, Daddy and I went to take out your contacts, and the left one wasn't in there! We looked and looked, but it is just gone. So today I ordered another one, but most likely it won't be in for a couple of weeks. By that time you will have had your ptosis surgery and won't be able to wear them for quite awhile anyway. I am so dissappointed. The good news is that the sty in your right eye has cleared up, so I am praying we will still be a go for surgery on April 24th!


Hollie said...

I AM PRAYING AND PRAYING for that surgery! Let's PRAY that you get this one!!!!!
LOVE the hair bow!!! I see some sweet bows in Audrey's future!!!

Anonymous said...

Audrey, you looked absolutely beautiful in your Easter dress - Grace would have loved your bow!!
We are praying for your surgery on the 24th. Love, Robbin

Mrs. Shanna said...

Yes, Audrey was just precious on Easter! I LOVED her dress and the bow, OMG! Hello, baby Audrey! I love you!