Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23

Hey sweet baby, I missed you today.

This morning I left home early for a house closing, and Honey came to stay with you before you even woke up. I came home a little after 2:00, and I had an hour and a half at home before I needed to leave for swim team practice. Of course, it was during your nap time. And when I made it home a little after 8:00, Daddy had you all tucked into bed. I have a whole new respect for working moms! It is tough to see you so little. I love and am grateful for both the real estate and coaching jobs, but the next few weeks are going to be hard on us until the school year ends and summer starts up. We just have too much going on during the week.

Daddy left for the gym, and you started fussing. I like to think it was cause you missed me too. Usually we don't come running when you call out from bed, and so usually you don't call. If you are in your crib, you know it means sleep is your only option. But tonight I just had to go pick you up and cuddle my baby for awhile. After a few minutes we both felt better and you were able to go to sleep.

Which is a good thing because you need your rest for tomorrow! Finally we are having your ptosis surgery! The OR is scheduled for 7:30, so we need to be at the hospital by 5:30. That 4:30 alarm won't make any of us happy, but you are going love the difference when you won't have to hold your head back to see. So sleep sweetly, love. It might not come as easily tomorrow night.

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