Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12

We finally had your birthday party and it was great! Our ice cream social was at church and over 100 people came to see you! Everything looked so cute, the ice cream was yummy, and we had fun seeing all our friends. We had quilt squares out for people to write or draw on, and they turned out beautifully. I am going to have them made into a quilt for you, and I think it will be so special. Best of all, you were in a great mood the entire time, and looked so pretty in your party dress, new barrette and birthday bracelets. I was afraid that without a long nap you would be cranky, but you did so well. I think you knew yesterday was all about you. And I loved getting to show off your cute little self.

You are all pooped out in this picture, waiting for us to clean up so you can go home.

Now all of our big summer activities are over, and for the first time in months you and I only have the usual doctors appointments, therapy sessions and house chores to keep us busy. So now we get to play!!

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James Sailors said...

Hollie and Lillie had fun. I wish I could make it. Too many birthday parties these days, you know. Happy Birthday, Audrey!