Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6

This weekend was our first 4th of July together! Well...not really, but it seemed like it since last year we just spent the day in the NICU. This year we did something fun and went to a pool party Saturday morning. It was your first time to go swimming, and you seemed to enjoy getting in the water! I am excited about that, because I think eventually the pool will be good physical therapy for you. My plan is to get you used to the water early.

Most of these pictures are good because the don't show the big scratch on your forehead! I wish I knew what happened--my best guess right now is that you clawed yourself up with those razors you call nails. At first I thought it looked more like a scrape, but I was with you all day Thursday when your owie popped up and I can't think of a thing that could have gotten you. Which makes me feel terrible. How can I stop it from happening again if I don't know what caused it the first time? But like most things, it doesn't seem to bother you.

Another thing that doesn't bother you is pulling your hair out. A few weeks ago you discovered the left side of your head, and have been playing with your hair ever since. I know you love that feeling, cause you laugh so sweetly whenever I put your hair up. By twirling your hair I think you are trying to recreate that sensation. But then your fingers get stuck and you yank them out, bringing a whole fistful of hair with you. It has gotten so bad that the left side of your head is noticeably more bare than the right, and has little scabs all over it from your nails (which I just can't seem to keep short enough--I wish we could trade!). These days I am having to put a mitten on your left hand when you are hanging out by yourself or sleeping, or I have to make you lay on your left side. Neither is ideal--ideal would be you cut that out. So we are working on the word "no". I have never had a reason to tell you no before, so it is kind of stinky to have to use a firm voice with you. But you are going to have to learn it eventually, and this is a good reason to start. I think that instinctively you know what I am telling you, because a couple times when I told you "no" and pulled your hand from your hair you cried like your feelings were hurt. Sorry Baby, but you will be grateful when you have a full head of hair!

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