Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28

Today we went to Texas Children's to have an EEG. We won't get the results until probably Friday, but I have to tell you how cute you were the entire time.

To set up for the test, a wax pencil is used to make marks on your head for where the electrodes should go. You thought that was funny and laughed the whole way through. Then our technician just fell in love with you. We were almost finished putting all 23 electrodes on your head when you started getting cranky. It was naptime anyway, and you'd had enough. At that point she told me how she is usually pretty good about distancing herself from the kids who come in to see her. But that very rarely there is a child she just connects with, and it is those kids that make her job hard. She said you were one of those kids, and felt the need to tell me that her hands were shaking because she felt badly for making you cry and because she was anxious for your results, not because she was new at her job! I thought that was funny because I hadn't even noticed shaky hands.

I don't know what it is about you that people are so drawn to. Of course, I know all the reasons I love you so much. But even strangers who don't know your story (like our technician today) fall for you so easily. You are a beautiful, precious girl--every time you smile I tell you so. This happens so often that you have begun to associate the word "pretty" with smiling. I can say, "Where is my pretty baby?" and you will give me a big grin. But being honest with myself, I know you have characteristics that society doesn't appreciate. You hold your head awkwardly, have a bad eye that isn't properly aligned, and a "pug" nose that I can often see straight up. So I don't think it is your appearance that people are attracted to. It must be Jesus in you, giving you such a sweet disposition. Otherwise I can't explain why the people we pass while out stop us to talk to you, why doctors tell me that they go home and think more about your case than any other, why people who I only know because of you would do backflips to give you what you need.

When the test started you were such an impressive baby. The strobe light flashed in its different frequencies and I know must have been obnoxious to you because it was even to me. But you were very calm and watched like you were supposed to. Then we turned off all the lights so that you would take a nap. You had a different plan; after an hour you still wouldn't fall asleep. I was so surprised since it was way past your bedtime, but I think it was probably too quiet for your liking. You have slept with your ocean sounds since we came home from the NICU and without it you get fidgety.

So we finally gave up and started taking off all the tape and electrodes. Our technician was bracing herself for you to be upset when your hair got pulled. As always, you surprised the experts and didn't fuss even a little! She said in seven years you were the first! Such a strong baby girl.

After everything was out, your hair looked CRAZY from all the glue, tape and alcohol that was put on your head. Daddy and I had an interesting time trying to get you cleaned up!

Daddy said, "Mommy, next time wait till I am OUT of the bathtub before using the hairdryer!"

I think you knew how silly you looked.

Sweet, clean, sleepy-cause-you-never-took-a-nap baby!


Anonymous said...

you are right about so many things. I can't stop thinking about Audrey's path...she is an amazing child as well as has amazing parents and I beleive in my heart it is because she has an amazing Lord watching out for her. You are right that people who don't know you would do backflips to help in anyway they couldeven if it is to keep your family in our daily prayers. She is so precious to many of us and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing her story

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Anonymous said...

Audrey is a beautiful little girl and Jesus' love just shines through her. You are blessed to have her and she is blessed to have 2 such wonderful parents. I pray for her and your family often. May God continue to bless your family.

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of this family! Amber, you are absolutely poetic and genuine when you talk about God's will in your lives. Audrey IS a reflection of Jesus. Those pictures made my heart want to reach and give her a big hug! VH