Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bringing Home Baby

Our first family picture.

Today we brought home a healthy little brother for you! You were in the waiting room when he was born, and met him shortly after. Then you came up to the hospital to spend some time with him the next afternoon. But today when we all got home, we put you two on the floor together for some "getting to know you" time.

My compassionate girl is no more--at least when it comes to Liam. I was so concerned you would get sad and pouty when he cried, just like you do for any other baby. No, you think your squeaky little brother is hilarious. When he starts to whimper and cry softly, you laugh, and when he revs up and cries loudly, you look...amused. In this video, he is spitting up and you just laugh and laugh. I guess you think it is funny when it is someone other than you!

Speaking of spitting up...I was afraid you were about to throw up all over Liam in this video. But then I decided you were just showing him who's the boss. At least you started out sweetly petting him...


James Sailors said...

They're too cute. Glad big sister loves her little brother!

Anonymous said...

I adore those 2 little squirts!!! Love, Aunt Paula