Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Sips

It is exciting for you that Liam is starting on solids, because it gives time to practice eating. Most days it is survival mode to get everything that has to be done checked off the list. Since the pump does a great job giving you your nutrition, eating orally doesn't always make it to the top of priorities. But now that Liam has to eat solids, you get to try daily also. He just shares a couple bites with you. Hopefully you can learn and grow together on this for a little while.

This evening we specifically worked on drinking with you. I used a syringe to squirt a few drops in your mouth a time. You drank about 3 mls in 5 minutes. For anyone else that would be painfully slow, but I was thrilled with that. In fact, you were too! Here you are a few minutes after we were all done, just giddy with yourself.

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