Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baking Beauty

We got your new chair yesterday and LOVE it! You can be up high to sit at the table or down low towards the floor, or anywhere in between. The high/low base has wheels for around the house, and we also have mobility base for out and about. An optional tray allows you to play with toys and use your hands. Your feet sit flat on the platform so that you can practice weightbearing. It supports you so well, and you did an awesome job holding your head for two hours in it this morning. Bubby is super interested in it and wants to know why you get a cool new ride and he doesn't.

Liam took a long morning nap, so you and I made Daddy's favorite banana nut muffins. It was so much fun to wheel you into the kitchen with me, and have you close to my level. Usually, I would have to leave you in the living room, or put you in a little bouncer on the floor. Not only were you not well supported, but you could only see my feet, and I couldn't interact with you much at all. But this time we jammed to your iPod, and often I would grab your hands to make you dance. You would just laugh and laugh! This chair is going to be so great for you.

Already I can tell you feel like a big girl. When it was time for your nap, you immediately started crying when I put you down. It was as if you were saying that you have been lying down for almost two years, and ain't gonna lie no more!


Natalie Oakley said...

Aww... Bless your heart Audrey! So happy you got a chair that works for you girl!

Amanda said...

That's great. I am sure Miss Audrey is so much happier. She looks like such a big girl in it!!

aunt shelby said...

keep fighting naps Poptart!!