Monday, October 11, 2010

Hooray for Columbus!

We received a special treat today—Daddy got the day off since banks are closed for Columbus Day! So we headed to the Houston Zoo. The zoo has become expensive these days…I can remember when it cost 50 cents for an adult. Now it is $11, which wouldn’t be so bad if you were guaranteed to see the animals. But more often than not in Houston, they are inside escaping the heat. Considering we are now the third largest city in America, our zoo leaves something to be desired. Big renovations are in process and a new section is supposed to open in December.

Despite our zoo not being fabulous, I have good memories of it. So today I became a member. For $46, I have entrance for the next year. You and brother get in free, and the cool part is that I can always bring an unnamed guest. So Daddy could go for free, or Honey or Grammy or Mema or whoever. And the best part is there isn’t any pressure to go and stay for the entire day. This is ideal for you since outdoors can be tough on your sweet and delicate skin. Now we can head there in the morning and leave by lunch when everyone starts getting hot and tired.

You did great for most of the day. The morning was cool enough on its own, and after lunch I put the cooler packs on either side of you in your stroller. We reapplied sunscreen a couple times and there were no complaints from you. We stayed longer than I anticipated we would, and you were a trooper until the last 30 minutes or so. At that point you started getting hot and tired and nauseous. You had one big throw up and we decided to head home. I am really proud of you though!

Here are a couple cute pics from our day.

Relaxing in the shade near the fish pond while the boys play.

Vegging out in Daddy's lap while we all eat some lunch.

Coolest seat in the house!

Always good for a smile!

There is nothing Daddy and I enjoy better than spending the day doing something fun as a family. So thanks Chris Columbus, for being credited with discovering America. We owe you one!


Aunt Shelb said...

yeaaaa. that unnamed guess..will be me...soon, just sayin.

Anonymous said...

How neat that you had such a fun day at the zoo. Audrey looks so happy.