Friday, October 29, 2010

Go With The Flow

I spent the morning packing up our things to meet Daddy in Ft. Worth this afternoon, but he got a later start than expected. So we went to the park with Paula and Reiner, where Brother repeatedly fell and hurt himself. I think he is just exhausted. They had a big swing that, if we lived in Dallas, I could tweak to be perfect for you! Still, you enjoyed swinging even if it wasn’t the most comfortable. You do love to swing!

We met Daddy at the hotel around 7:00, unloaded some things and then met Honey and Grandpapa in the restaurant for dinner. Of course, Bub was on the high maintenance side, being even more tired than when the day began. But I can always count on you to be my go-with-the-flow girl. Thanks for that.

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