Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Break!

You are so cute!
 Today you arrived home off the bus in this Thanksgiving hat (I guess technically headdress) and officially kicked off your vacation from school.  First on the agenda…flu shot. 
Naturally Liam had to try it on also.
I know.  Not fun at all.  But necessary nonetheless, so off we went.  After an almost two hour wait just to see the nurse, she tried telling me we couldn’t have the shot since you were allergic to eggs.  So around and around with her I went.  You have gotten the flu shot every year since you were born and never had a problem.  Your allergy isn’t severe…Bub is much more allergic than you and he did just fine with the shot.  And now they are saying it is such trace amounts of egg, it won’t affect those with allergies anyway.  On top of all that, I would rather deal with hives or minor vomiting from the shot than the actual flu.  I had the flu last year and felt like I was on death’s doorstep.  I can’t imagine how you would manage.  So she went and got Dr. L who said you could have the shot, but asked that I stay 30 minutes for observation.  I said no.  She said ten.  I told her she was pushing it.  After 5 she asked if we had our EpiPen and let us loose.  (I love that lady.) Whooo-hoo, now the fun can begin!
I’m looking forward to having you home for a few extra days this week.  Tomorrow we can leisurely wake up without rushing to get you on the bus by 7:30.  Of course, I’m betting you are awake at your usual 5:00.  It’ll be nice to stay in our jammies awhile regardless.


mbotkin said...

First of all, let me say that I love reading (okay, stalking) Miss Audrey's blog and she is the cutest thing ever. I've been doing it for over a year now after my sister-in-law linked your blog to hers after finding out her baby had SLOS. Now, a year later, my husband and I know we are both carriers of SLOS as well. If you ever have a moment of free time on the computer, would you mind telling me the names of any genetic counselors you might have seen (either in response to this post or by email)? We're looking for a good one and are in the Houston area as well. Sorry for the long comment....not sure of any other way to contact you and you seem to be the Houston-area SLOS expert! Thanks so much!

mbotkin said...

I should add that my previous "free time" comment was meant to be sarcastic, as I clearly know you are Superwoman and have no free time. :)