Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Report Card - 2nd 6 Weeks

It’s that time again! Report card! Remember your goals from last 6 weeks? This 6 weeks you met all those goals with 2/3 mastery in each area! Miss C wrote under comments:

“Audrey is AMAZING! She loves school and participates in everything. She has mastered her IEP’s this grading period and if this continues I will change/increase the difficulty levels to offer a challenge for this gifted student.”

ALSO…..(drumroll please)…...I received this email from her:

“Just wanted to let you know that Audrey has ‘won’the Knight Award for this 6 week period. I decide which student is the recipient based on attendance, performance, awake time, and cuteness! It’s always very hard to make this decision as all the students are cute and work hard. However, this time Audrey is the winner. The blue dog tag is her token gift (found with her report card) and her award is posted in the hallway. I will send the award home after the next 6 week period.

Go Audrey!

Miss C”

How cute is that??

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