Saturday, November 12, 2011

Girl's Morning In

Today our family chose to divide and conquer. Liam and Daddy went out to do manly things…things like oil changes, new car batteries, and modern day hunting and killing of dinner (AKA bank and picking up a couple ingredients from the store). You and I stayed home and did domestic things…things like baking cookies, folding laundry, and organizing every drawer in the kitchen.

We all had a 100% success rate, and enjoyed our roles. It’s like God knew what he was doing when he made men and women different.

And can I just say, it was shocking how much I was able to do with just you at home. I know we had 16 months to ourselves before Bub came along, but in the last two years I have forgotten just how productive we can be while talking quietly, singing, and wheelchair dancing. We need to make more time for just us girls.

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