Friday, January 13, 2012

New Goals for 2012

Because you are a superstar, Mrs. C sent home new goals for you to master this semester. And they are...drumroll please...

*Explore a variety of objects by grasping and holding in each hand 3-5 seconds in 2/5 trials.

*On contrasting backgrounds Audrey will fixate and track objects horizontally to broaden her visual field in 2/5 trials.

*Audrey will develop more purposeful switch use patterns to answer questions, make a statement or make request within 15 seconds using up to 3 verbal and 3 physical prompts in 3/5 trials.

*In a variety of positions and in a variety of activities, Audrey will bring hands together midline to clap or manipulate objects with up to 3 verbal prompts and 3 physical prompts in 2/5 trials.

It's exciting for Daddy and I to imagine you doing these things, especially number three. Work hard so we can visit and watch you show off your new skills!

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