Thursday, January 5, 2012

To my precious Audrey:

Sweet, sweet Audrey. You are already a big sister, so you know what to expect. This time will be a bit different than with brother, although you have been on the other side of this as the new baby who needs to spend some time at the hospital getting healthy.

Throughout this entire pregnancy, you have given me so much hope and strength. When I've mourned for the baby that could have been, I think of the enormous blessing you are to our family. When I get overwhelmed thinking of the journey ahead of us, I look back on how far you've come, and how much fun we've had along the way.

You are so special. I'm sure even I don't realize the full impact you have made on more than just your little world. Anybody who meets you or hears your story loves you. Everything about your life is miraculous. Just the other day I was reminded yet again how amazing it is that you are so happy and healthy at 3.5 years old. A mom wrote into the SLOS group to tell us about her son who died a year ago. He was three months old, on the severe end of the spectrum. She listed the complications he had--the list was long. But there wasn't any item on it you haven't dealt with, and you could have added several more. I cried as I read that email; for that mom who lost her firstborn and for myself because it could have been me.

My prayer, even hours before her birth, is for Abbey to be healthy. But if God has different plans, part of me is excited to bring home a sister so similar to you. The two of you will no doubt have a very special relationship.

Thanks for making me a mom. You were so unexpected, but also so welcomed. I couldn't imagine our family any different than what it is. Sit tight and I'll bring you that new sister as quick as I can.

I love you my shnookity!

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