Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wheelchair Revelation

Today I got the call from school that you were extra quiet, and had a temp of 99.9—definitely a fever for my little girl who like to hang out around 97.  Since I was on the way to the hospital to see Luke, MiMi went by our house to get your carseat, and then to school to pick you up. When you got home, MiMi says you still felt warm, but seemed to be feeling ok.  I think it was just a short lived Audrey episode; last night you threw up quite a bit and must have gotten it all out of your system by naptime.

I’m sorry you felt bad.  BUT.  Something great did happen.  Your teachers/nurse showed MiMi how to collapse your wheelchair without removing the seat! For years we have been taking that heavy, cumbersome seat off to load it into the car (where it did not fit nicely) and then fought with it to reattach it when unloading.  When we first got the chair, we were told that was how it must be done.  This makes our lives so much easier!

I excitedly showed Daddy and his response was, “Huh.” I asked, “Bittersweet, isn’t it?”   He said, “Yeah, just remembering all those smashed fingers, scraped knuckles and man hours taking this thing apart.”  But the man loves efficiency almost as much as I do, so he agrees that this is a great day.

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