Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Loss of Contact

As a medical mama, I get most aggravated over eyes and meds.  These are the two things that seem to never go right around here and are the source of my greatest frustrations.  Today it’s the eyes.

Insurance will pay for one pair of your contacts every three months.  Losing them before that time is up means we are out of pocket $250. Per eye. I would have no reservations paying that IF there was a guarantee that those contacts would stick around.  But there’s not.

Take this month for example.  Thanks to backorders and shipping delays you were without contacts for three weeks. Once they arrived the first one was lost after two days.  Your right eye we are told is completely blind so technically it doesn't need a contact, although I like to keep one in there just in case.  I figure it is best to treat that eye like it can see, rather than damage it further by assuming it is blind. But when we are down to only one contact it has to go in the left. That one was lost this morning only 10 minutes after I put it in. How does that happen??

I’ll tell you how it happens. If I don’t put the contacts in right, make sure they are perfectly aligned or check often enough to make sure they are still in place, you rub your eyes.  Well of course you do! Knowing we lost a contact and it was probably my fault is one of the quickest ways to make me grouchy.

So now we are faced with the decision.  Go nearly three months without any contacts (which for you equates to complete blindness) or order the contacts taking the risk that in a few days we might find ourselves in the same situation—blind and but now out $500?

Think, think, think…

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