Friday, October 26, 2012

Lost and Found

Last Friday I was so amazed at how God told me where your contact was hiding.  For the rest of the day I was on a mountain top.  Until we when went to church that evening and lost it again.  Good gracious.  We did everything right this time.  Checked before we got there, checked when we picked you up, searched high and low in that nursery. Gone.

When we got home I (half) jokingly walked over to your wheelchair and checked under your cushion, telling Daddy maybe I overlooked the other four from my dream.

So today when your classroom nurse--who we think is absolutely amazing for more reasons than just this one--emailed me that she hadn't seen you wearing a contact for a few days, I explained what happened. A couple hours later I got this response:

"Lost and found!!! I went to set up Audrey’s pump with water and low and behold a contact was in the net basket at the back of her stroller...Nothing like finding $250 bucks on a Friday morning to put a smile on a face!! :-)"

So incredible! Audrey, it's obvious to me that God thinks your vision is important.  He wants you to see!

(Side note: There is no way this contact is the same one you lost at church, because you didn't even have your wheelchair at church. But the location in the basket and angle of the chair makes it very likely that it fell out when I  checked underneath the cushion.  That would make two out of five from my dream!)

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