Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 28

You are becoming stronger all the time and you have learned three new tricks:

1) The morning after Ike you were laying on your tummy with Daddy and you picked up your head and turned it to the other side! I was in the other room, so when Daddy told me what you did I wasn’t sure he and I had the same definition of head turning. He promised me it was true, and turned your head back onto the left side to prove it. You greatly favor your right side, and sure enough, you flipped your head over again to be more comfortable. You do it in two steps…lift up your head and put it face down, the lift again and turn to the side. Tears sprung to my eyes, I was so proud of you! Daddy and I kept turning you onto your left side so we could watch you do it over and over again. After about the sixth time you gave up and just took your nap on the left. Goodness you are a big girl! Since then you have turned your head several more times, especially if you are angry about something (usually your glasses).

This is a picture of you and Daddy snoozing right before you showed us what a strong baby you are.

2) Because of your reflux, you are a side sleeper. Twice this week I woke up to find you had rolled onto your tummy during the night! While I am very impressed, I’m not really loving this trick. I am afraid once you make it onto your tummy you will try to turn your head and not have enough strength to make it all the way over. So now I wedge a tiny little pillow by your lower tummy so that you can’t roll during the night. Leave your stunt work for the daytime Missy Moo.

3) You open your eyes for your Granddaddy better than you do for anyone else. He holds his finger out and says “That’s number one” and then holds two fingers out and says “That’s number two”. He also pulls out your index finger from your little fist so that you were counting along. While we were staying with him during Ike, you got a lot of number one and number two. The day our power was restored, Daddy and I left for a couple hours to clean out our fridge back home. When we came back we were told if he said “Show me number one” that you would hold up your finger with both hands on your own! I have not seen this one myself, but several eye witnesses tell me it is true. You must be a genius baby!

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