Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29

Well Shnookie, after much persistence on my part, we have a new surgery date. October 13 you are scheduled for your EUA, and most likely, glaucoma surgery. We saw the ophthalmologist today and she confirmed what I already knew—you have ptosis (droopy eyelids). Even when you are at your most alert, those that interact with you think you are sleepy or sleeping because your eyes only open a crack. Your vision can’t develop that way, so we have an appointment to go see another eye specialist. She will recommend a separate eye surgery soon after you have a chance to heal from the glaucoma surgery. This puts off the ostomy reversal a bit longer. I am not sure who is more or me.

I am beginning to pray for this upcoming series of surgeries now. Best case scenario would be they get in there on October 13 and decide glaucoma surgery isn’t necessary. Then the doctor could just get your prescription and measurements for contacts, we could move on to the ptosis surgery sooner, and the ostomy reversal would not be delayed.

My spirits lifted when I got home and checked my email this evening. In my inbox was the link to the rest of your photos from Miss Kris. You are a beautiful baby. I love our little family.


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures, and I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. I love your little family too. :)

xoxo, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Precious!

Hollie said...

forgot to tell you last night at church... I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!!!