Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 7

Last night was Grammi the Great's birthday! We celebrated with a spa day for the girls and dinner at Escalante's with the rest of the Stephens side of our family. You never knew you had so many aunts and uncles and cousins. You snoozed most of the time...even through all thirty of us singing happy birthday and yelling "Arrrrrriba!"

This morning Miss Kris came over and took your first set of baby pictures! One of the major disappointments of your hospitalization was that I missed your newborn pics. Kris does such an amazing job and I was so looking forward to them. But at three months you are 9 and 1/2 pounds and 20 1/2 inches (still smaller than I was at birth!) and the pictures still show you tiny and precious.

Miss Kris was so considerate of your sensitive eyes and didn't use a single artificial light or flash. Everything was done with natural light. You were such a good girl and had only one accident on Mama and Daddy's bed! Fortunately it was on Daddy's side--since the pictures came out absolutely precious, it was totally worth it. At least for me. I hope Daddy agrees.

Kris let me see the first picture on the blog while we were still shooting and immediately tears pooled in my eyes. You are just so yummy and sweet I can hardly stand it! We can't wait to see the rest!


Samantha said...

AMBER!! Those pics are AMAZING!! I FREAKING LOVE THEM!! :) Audrey looks SO cute in them :) Kris did a beautiful job!! I totally want some :)

Sorry I missed your call this weekend, I will try to call you tonight. Jason's surgery went well and I have been taking care of him all weekend...I'll talk to you tonight! :) LOVE YOU!

Scott and Amber said...

The pictures are precious and she is so little. I am soo happy for you Amber and Brad that your baby girl is home! Thinking of you daily. Amber Jacobs

Hollie said...

WOW, those are wonderful! I may have to call her for a photo shoot as well! :)

Vickie said...

I have yet to meet Audrey, but she looks sooo adorable! I hate feet, but I actually like that picture, haha. I will call you soon, be safe this weekend!

michelle said...

Oh, Amber....
How wonderfully amazing are your pictures...
What a total doll...she is so amazing!!
You guys are amazing!

Teresa said...

Dear Amber,

You do not know me. I have followed your blog because of my friendship with Sami, Laura and Noah Rahman. Your posts have been very encouraging to me. I have to tell you that while I have 3 children they are all "normal" (I don't know what word to use that won't be offensive). Growing up my best friend was blind from cancer and her sister was severely handicapped - her mother had german measles while pregnant with her. These were my friends. Their mother, Betty, was one of the most incredible peope I will ever know. My friend, Amy, had her eyes removed around the age of 2. Her mother never gave her any slack :-)

Amy used to walk to my house (about 2 blocks away) alone. I would watch her as she came within 2 inches of cars and suddenly veer out of the way to avoid them. Incredible.

It was sometimes hard for me because Amy would have to hold my arm when we went placed and kids are cruel. We were called gay, lesbos, you name it. Hard for me? Who am I kidding? Hard for me, I could see.

In any event - you will be a great mom. Each and everyone of our children is given to us to love, love, love. I struggle with organized religion but I do beieve in a "parent" spirit who is our parent and while loving us unconditionally will still kick our a** when needed. I want to be that parent and it sounds like you will be too.

By the way she is absolutely lovely in the pictures

you are loved