Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18

Yesterday we had a full day at the doctors with Honey! First we went to see Dr. Feldman, a new glaucoma doctor. It is about time for your next glaucoma EUA (exam under anesthesia) and I realized that by combining it with the ptosis surgery, insurance should cover the hospital and anesthesia fees. Since our regular glaucoma doctor doesn’t operate at the same hospital as Dr. Urso, he referred us to Dr. Feldman. We left Dr. Feldman’s office at 9:00 with the promise he would get us a surgery date as soon as possible. By 10:30 I got call from Urso’s office saying he and Feldman had spoken and agreed to do your surgery Monday!

I am so grateful to both doctors. Each of them understood my anxiety to do the ptosis surgery, and both went out of their way to get it done quickly and affordably. Dr. Urso not only coming in to work on his off day, but he is doing it free of charge. They are our vision heroes.

One thing I have learned from all this is that TCH isn’t necessarily the best place to have everything done. It is a fabulous hospital, and I love many of our doctors there. But it might not always be the best fit for you. I prefer both of these doctors to the original ones recommended at TCH. Their compassion, bedside manner, time spent with us and eagerness to help you far exceeds the others. It doesn’t hurt to “shop around” and when we aren’t happy with the way things are going, it doesn’t hurt to at least consult with another. If we had met Dr. Feldman four months ago, I have a feeling he would have gotten the ptosis surgery taken care of four months ago.After Dr. Feldman’s office we had a follow up with Dr. Kim for the ostomy reversal. He said everything looks great. Your incision is pretty much healed. It just has a scab, and the stitches haven’t yet melted away. But you are completely off pain meds and good to lay on your belly and curl up. Your bottom is not nearly as sensitive as it was and is starting to heal also. Dr. Kim told us we have to start dilating your bottom twice a day. We put a tapered plastic stick up your bootie to make sure it doesn’t close up from the stitches, and you and I hate it. Last night and I insisted Daddy go first. I told him how Dr. Kim said to do it, and Daddy didn’t even hesitate. He made it look so easy! Then I started to try a couple times, but couldn’t make myself do it. Finally I tried, twice I met resistance and gave up for the night. Tonight went much better. I got it on the first try. For now we use a “9” stick, and next week we move up to a “10”. The goal is a”12” and as you grow we will go up in size. Even though it is yucky and uncomfortable for you, it is totally necessary and the least painful route. And today you had your first two normal stools! So we know your new pooper works! One day you are going to read this and be so embarrassed that I put it online. Sorry.

One more thing. Today you and I went on our first outing all by ourselves! It was only to the grocery store up the street—I can get there by driving through the neighborhood, so if you throw up I can pull over easily to suction you. But it felt so good to go without having someone go with us. I am so appreciative that your grandparents are willing to come pick us up and take us everywhere so that there is someone in the backseat with you. But I miss my independence! I look forward to the day that I can just pack you up and go anywhere we need to on a whim.

(Notice your very expensive necklace...that is pretty much where those glasses stay.)


Anonymous said...

She's so precious! Praise God for good news on getting that surgery scheduled next Monday. What a wonderful Christmas gift.

Rachel said...

She is so precious I think about her alot! Good luck on finding your independence! Scarlett is two now and Zoe is three months and I go nowhere by myself! If you figure it out let me know! Have you guys thought at all about going to the conference this year in Boston? Merry Christmas to you guys!

Hollie said...

We are praying for surgery tomorrow! Emma can't wait to see Audrey's eyes all the way open! :)

See you Christmas eve!